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RjDj’s apps take some people to outer space and others back down to earth.

Dark Knight Rises Z+

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What others say

It's completely awesome. And kind of surreal. An experience that it's not easy to describe in words.

Federico Viticci, MacStories

This app is transformative and cutting edge. We don't say this often but this is a must have app that we enthusiastically endorse.


If you've ever consumed psychedelics, the auditory effects in some of the scenes are very similar to the time-slipping, inverse cascading repeats that can be provoked by some chemicals.

Joel Johnson, BoingBoing Gadgets

Hey, it's mushrooms without the mushrooms!

John Mahoney, Gizmodo

Where other apps provide listless minigames, boring photo galleries and jargon-filled text, this one provides something of an experience.

Mark Brown, Wired UK

Voyager reimagines music listening not in lists of tracks or grids of beats, but in the liquid, alien landscapes of your dreams.

Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music

What is RjDj about?

The RjDj Universe

Smart music players like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have huge potential to create totally new sonic experiences. RjDj is a small team based in London taking advantage of this potential and leading the development of exciting new music formats including context aware music and augmented music. Our apps for iPhone and iPod Touch will give you experiences which take some people to outer space and others back down to earth. Try it!

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